Risport Antares saapad/MK21 terad, hind 130 eurot
Risport Light saapad/MKflight terad, hind 170 eurot
Belati Classic saapad/ISE Sterling terad, hind 170 eurot
Belati Supreme saapad/ISE Sterling terad, hind 220 eurot

Risport Light, hind 100 eurot
Belati Classic, hind 100 eurot

ISE Sterling, hind 70 eurot
ISE Stealth, hind 170 eurot
MK Double Star, hind 126 eurot
MK Professional, hind 180 eurot

plastmassist kaitsed, hind 8 eurot
Rispordi uisukott, hind 25 eurot
Bungee seljakott, hind 40 eurot
Silikoontoru, 1 tk 13 eurot, 2 tk 25 eurot
Sukad, lastele 11 eurot, suurtele 16 eurot

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